About Me

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My name is Jane Darby Menton. I’m originally from Tallahassee, Florida and am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge in Politics and International Studies. Before returning to school, I worked as an assistant editor at Foreign Affairs magazine and a Production Assistant for Anderson Cooper 360. My writing has appeared in outlets including CNN.com, the Tampa Bay Times, and the Huffington Post. During college, I was the Managing Editor for the Yale Daily News, where I covered topics including grade inflation and online education.

I received an M. Phil. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford, where I studied as a Rhodes Scholar, and a BA from Yale in History and Global Affairs (Security Studies).

My interests include Nuclear Policy, Middle Eastern Politics, and Media Studies. I also love Gilmore Girls, Southern History and Earl Grey Tea.

Writing Samples:

Tampa Bay Times Nov. 10, 2016: “Floridians, Remember the words of my great-grandfather, Gov. LeRoy Collins”

Huffington Post August 9, 2016: “71 Years Later, Hiroshima’s Message of Peace Faces New Challenge.”

The New Journal at Yale Sept. 2015:For Country?: Examining Yale’s relationship with the U.S. Military”

Huffington Post Aug. 5, 2015: “Dispatches from Hiroshima on the Eve of the 70th Anniversary”

CNN.com Aug. 5, 2015: “Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Attraction more Popular than Ever

Yale Daily News April 11, 2013: “Defining the Yale College A”

The Yale Politic April 25, 2012: “An Exclusive Interview with Gov. Jeb Bush” 


The Pulitzer Center: Lesson plan accompanying Landmark New York Times Magazine piece, “Fractured Lands,” has been used by educators across the country to teach high school students about the Arab world


Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro; Newsroom Software: iNews, MediaSource, MIRA; Other: Stata (data analytics software), Carto (interactive mapping software)

Languages: English, French, currently studying Arabic

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